giovedì 30 ottobre 2014

♡ SkuLL Masks ♡

These are the items for Hello Tuesday Event @ Comsopolitan sim, 
the right Tuesday is passed, but you can find them, still in PROMO price, there till this 2th November, so don't miss this occasion ;)

Then you can even find till this 8th November 
this EXclusive Outfit 
that you can combine with the HT Sugar Mask...
it is available with separated items @ really low cost ^-^ 
(for the time of the round ONLY)
Look at the pics and click the Slurl below to teleport there...

♡ Halloween Sexy Group Gift ♡

Hellooo, this is one of the most sexy Ashmoot Group Gift for Girls!! 
And it is even perfect for this Halloween!!! So what are yu waiting for?? 
It is already available at the Mainstore on the GIFTS Wall, as always ^-^ 
Boys don't worry Ashmoot isn't forgetting you, 
soon it will be available a special gift even for you...

giovedì 23 ottobre 2014

♡ Halloween @ NICE TO BE room ♡

Are you still searching for the right Halloween Party Outfit!!?
Look at this one, it's for Girls and it is a really really sexy one!
The New & Exclusive Outfit is available @
NICE TO BE Room @ special prices only for you!!!
Bodysuit is wearable even with LOLAS Tango Applier, Lena LUsh Body, 
BANNED & Phat Azz Appliers too, or if you prefer without them.

 And what do you think about the BIG NEW?
Yes this Hair Cut directly from the new 
Ashmoot Body's Beauty sector...
they are called and dedicated to a special friend, Silvana.
They are in PROMO price too, for the time of the round ONLY!!
(You will find Silvana Hair cut even in the other colors SOON
@ the Main Body's Beauty Store)
For the moment to see it and try 
the free DEMO before purchising!

mercoledì 22 ottobre 2014

♡ NeW BiG PROMO @ the Mainstore ♡

Here @ the Mainstore you will find many items Halloween themed...
They are @ a really speciallow price and for who is an Ashmoot
Group member they are at double special prices (less than for a face of the column), 
infact wearing the tag on your head,
when you will buy at normal price you will 
instantly receive back to you the 50%  of the price!!

martedì 21 ottobre 2014

♡ AsHmOoT @ Home of Designers ♡

Here you can find these items @ really special low prices...

take a look on them and don't miss this occasion girls!! ^-^
Anyway if you will miss them you will find them 
@ the mainstore @ normal prices.

lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

♡ HalloWeeN @ OMG ♡

This is the Exclusive Outfit for the Special Round of OMG !!
It includes separatly these separatly elements: 
Headband, minidress, ring, bracelet, 
high waist belt, stockings and boots
Then if you want there's even one colors package
of the latest BIG NEW hair realize, in dark reds!

All @ really low cost, so if you still have to decide 
what wear for your SL Halloween...
this is the right occasion to get it and be ready for it ^-^
Happpy HalloweeeeeeN...hihihi

giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

♡ Xclusive Men Sweather for HT ♡

This is the last Exclusive realized for the Hello Tuesday Event 
already started but that still run till 12th October...
@ a special price, then you will find it @ the mainstore
 @ normal price!! 

Don't miss this occasion!! ^-^
Remember to try the free demo before purchising.

lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

♡ KV/ SHOPPING WAY Xclusive ♡

I want to introduce you one of the Exclusive creations realized 
for the KV event: Winter Fashion Month . 
It is about the section "Shopping Way". 
It's a casual Outfit that includes: 
Earmuffs, sunglasses, scarf, coat, bag,
bijoux, skinny laced jeans, mobile phone, heels (for High Slink Feet) .
Available for a really special PROMO price in 3 separated packs.
See it from the pic below...and click the SLurl below the pic 
if you would like to get it now with this extraordinary occasion!!

venerdì 3 ottobre 2014

♡ GATCHA for the KV WFM ♡

They are Exclusives for KV Sim about the Winter Fashion Month.

Join them and I hope you will have beautiful surprises for your cold Winter.

mercoledì 1 ottobre 2014

♡ Xclusive GATCHAs ♡

►XCLUSIVE ITEMS (for the time of the event)
►START  (Vintage Fall starting)------> 1.10.14

Cost per Play =>50L
6 versions (2 RAREs)
SLurl for this GATCHA:

 Cost per Play =>75L
5 items (2 RAREs) 
          SLurl for this GATCHA:

♡ NeW Exclusive Pants ♡

These are the latets High Waist Skinny Pants realized in Jeans and sweety fantasies!
They are available in: 1 basic version + 6 fantasies ones 
Each of them in 1 Fitted version
and 5 Rigged Mesh sizes too,
so you can choose the one that fits better on your body.

You will find them from: October 1st 11am SLT @ The Black Dot Event
Come to discover them and if you like them get them till they are @ this special price ^-^