venerdì 4 dicembre 2015

♡ Boys/ 79L PROMO @ EVA Room ♡

Heyyy boyyys, there's also a special promo for you!
An hooded blue striped T-Shirt @ EVA Room,
it's @ just 79L, till 6th december ONLY!!
What are you waiting for??! >.<

♡ PROMO @ EVA Room ♡

This outfit I am going to introduce you
is created in a mix that includes:
Pon Pon Hat, Sweather, Dress (Under), Necklace,
Earrings, Miniskirt, Hand-Bag, Laced Leggins,
Slink Nails Polish and Slink High Ankle-Boots.

It is @ PROMO price till 6th december @ EVA Room.
Available for the time of the PROMO in separated
packages ONLY, then when it will be back at the Mainstore
it will be @ normal price and available also in Full Package.

You can find the room easier near AsHmOoT Mainstore, it's the same sim,
come to see further details of the outfit and more...with your eyes!
Here there's the direct taxi ^-^

martedì 20 ottobre 2015

♡ DC Room New Items ♡

Hi everybody
I want to intoduce you the latest crceation by Ashmoot,
it's available for now and till  31th october,
@ Designer Circle Room
@ PROMO special price, than you will find it at normal price 
@ the Ashmoot mainstore, as always ^-^
If you like the new outfit don't miss the occasion to 
get the outfitat this low cost!!
For the round @ the room the items are
avaiolable in separated packs:
Glasses, head accessory& rings, sweather, high waist pants,
shoes and nails polish for Slink.
Going in the room you will find @
the brand spot also the FREE DEMO available,
please get it and try it before purchising! =)
Have fun

♡ Exclusive GIFT @ AsHmOoT Mainstore ♡

Come to get your GIFT ;)
it's inspired to Halloween that is at the doors...
but you can wear it whenever you like ^-^
It's a sexy skeleton bodysuit
wearable with normal avatar or with 
Maitreya, Slink and OMEGA system Appliers!

venerdì 16 ottobre 2015

♡ Xclusive GIFT for EVA Room Group ♡

You just need to join this EVA Room group for FREE
and you can get also this new and exclusive
nails polish for Slink hands... don't miss it
it will be for gift till 25th october ONLY!!! ;)

♡ New Items for EVA Room ♡

Those are some of the latest creations of Ashmoot,
now you can find them ò EVA Room ONLY,
they will be there till 25th october for a special PROMO price!
Then as you already know you can find them at normal
prices @ the Ashmoot Mainstore or in other events, 
just follow us to know where exactly ^-^

domenica 11 ottobre 2015

♡ Gacha zone at the Mainstore ♡

Hi dearlings =)
I want just to advice that at the mainstore now you can find also
the previous gacha put for some events,
they are all in the gacha zone, near lucky boards.
See pic below clicking on it.
Come to play when you like  and good luck ^-^

martedì 6 ottobre 2015

♡ Autumn Collection @ DC Room ♡

Part of the new Ashmoot Autumn collection arrives @ DC Room!
So there you can find a new combinable mix, composed by:
Fur and catsuit + jewels accessories, like earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings
all in the tones of bordeaux, so much in for this autumn ^-^
The jewels contains in each own package
2 versions: in gold or silver metal parts.
I remind you to try the FREE DEMO
available before buyign if you are interested. pics and come to take a look 
directly @ the room! =)

 All will be, for the time of DC room round,
 @ special PROMO get them now!

♡ Studded Minidress for fucsia Lovers ♡

It is an another color of the new studded mono shoulder minidress!
It's a luxurious and beautiful dolly fucsia ^-^
The dress in this color version is available 
for now @ Exclusivity 99 Fair ONLY!
What are you waiting for??!
At the fair Ashmoot spot you can find also some other items
themed Halloween
at special discounted prices!!
Don't miss this occasion... 
teleport it's below the last pic ^-^

domenica 4 ottobre 2015

♡ Autumn colors @ FAD Room ♡

After a little breack in RL I'm back for you,
with new items for Autumn 2015; so here there are some 
of the latest creations by Ashmoot.
They are created for "Frightful faboulous" round of FAD Event ^-^
A studded minidress, mono-shoulder, available for now at
the FAD Ashmoot spot ONLY,
in 4 different color versions!!!
See pics below to get a look on them
and go to the spot to try the FREE DEMO available!
Comon I know you won't miss them!!! ;)
They are available at PROMO price till 25th October ONLY,
there's also a combinable nails polish for Slink hands and feet (not new);
then you will find them at normale price at the Ashmoot mainstore
or you can know where to find them from Ashmoot blog or socials ^-^

venerdì 21 agosto 2015

♡ Gypsy's Heart The Boho Experience ♡

After the beautiful Fashion Show "Gypsy's Heart The Boho Experience"
I would like to let see everybody a preview of the outfits
 coming soon at the Mainstore..for who wasn't @ the show to see them.
These are the 3 female ones
there will be available also the 2 male ones.
Stay tuned with the blog and all Ashmoot contacts to be the first one
to know how and when you can find them ready
to be tested with FREE demo! ^-^
They will be available soon and @ a special PROMO price
for their first exposure don't miss the date ;)

♡ Fria Minidress ♡

This is Fria minidress, now available till sunday ONLY at special
PROMO price @ Designer Circle Room...! ^-^
It's available for now in these new 3 exclusive versions
and can be combined with the accessories you can see in the pic below...
High sandal boots, in these new shiny colors and strong bracelets!
It's really sexy and perfect for a party or special evenings...^-^

Don't miss it @ Designer Circle Room,
but if you can't go in time you will find it 
after the round @ the mainstore @ normal prices...

giovedì 20 agosto 2015

♡ Renewed FLORA Dress ♡

I dearlings ^-^
Today I want to talk you about this Flora minidress, available in this renewed version for EVA Room
at PROMO price and in 4 different versions of colors!
It is rigged mesh and in 5 sizes included, please
like always I suggest you to try the FREE demo available
before purchising...
It is for special price till 23th august ONLY!
Then you will find it @ normal price and in other new colors
@ the Mainstore ^-^
Come to see the other 3 versions @ the room,
don't miss the date!

giovedì 30 luglio 2015


Hi my dear boys!! ^-^
This is the latest NEW created for EVA Room,
Maybe you already knew the design of the T-Shirt,
now it is available in these other color versions!
They are @ special price till 2nd August ONLY
here at the Room, then they will be at the mainstore
at normal price, so don't forget to take a look
before the 2nd august ^-^
                  At the room you can find also
this GIFT that you can see in the pic below.
For who is'nt a member of
EVA Room's still possible to join it for FREE
and get the gift.......and all the successive
promotions and gifts! =)
Here the teleports..:

♡ RACHELE Hair Cut ♡

This is the new and exclusive RACHELE hair cut,
it is available for now @ DC Room
till 8th August ONLY, in special 
colors packs and special price!
If you like it don't miss it at
DC Room, then if you like you can refind it
in new colors and at normal price at the 
AsHmOoT Beauty Mainstore!

mercoledì 29 luglio 2015


Hi dearlings, this is Ashmot NEW GROUP GIFT 
for this HOT can't MISS IT!!
Trikini wearable also with appliers for
OMEGA, Slink and Maitreya.
It's available like always at the mainstore on the wall gifts,
that is a little bit change of its position, 
you can find it easier at the center of the store,
when you enter straight over you.

STAY TUNED for all the NEWS
coming soon.......
and don't forget to get your special
GIFT here ^-^

sabato 6 giugno 2015

domenica 17 maggio 2015

♡ PROMO of the Week ♡

Helloooo everybody dear followers of Ashmoot =)
At the Ashmoot Mainstore you can find this week
a new PROMO, 3 outfits created for Gangsta Fair
are now available there still in PROMO price
till 24th May.
They are for GIRLS and have FREE DEMO available.
One is with mini-skirt, one in Jeans shorts and the third one 
is a business suit.
They are created for a sexy and aggressive look!
If you like them don't miss the occasion of the week and ruuun...
teleport below the pics... ^-^

martedì 12 maggio 2015

♡ Lolli Hair @ the Mainstore ♡

Hiii everybody,
for who searchs for Lolli Hair,
now you can find it @ the Ashmoot Beauty Mainstore
in its 7 natural color packages.
All Package contains an HUD
with 4 different color choises,
only the blacks one has 5 different color choises.
 You find also the FREE DEMO available on it.
Try it doesn't cost anything ;)

domenica 3 maggio 2015

♡ Night and Day Hunt ♡

AsHmOoT In this period partecipates in many hunts,
one of these ones is the "Night and day hunt".
To find its prizes you have to look for: a little sun about the day prize (2L)
and a little moon about the night prize (20L)
You can see them here below...
 The day prize is a rigged mesh in 5 sizes+alpha.
The night prize can be worn with or without 
Appliers (OMEGA+ Slink Mesh Body Appliers)
The hints are
-->for the DAY Hunt Prize: "Look up on a big column"
-->for the NIGHT Hunt Prize: "Look up on the curtains"
So now...I wish you a good hunting ^-^
reminding you that this hunt will 
be till 2nd June..
here there's the direct teleport to:

giovedì 23 aprile 2015

♡ NeW WomeN GrOup GiFt ♡

The new Group Gift for girls is available now 
on the Gifts wall, wear your tag on the head 
to click it and receive it ^-^ 
If you aren't a member of the group
you can join it still for FREE.
This time it is this "Tutu Dress" 
Soft aqua color and flowered as the spring 2015!!
Teleport below the pic...

mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

♡ AsHmOoT for DC Room ♡

New and Exclusive (for the time of the round) "Bambolina" Hair Cut

It comes in 7 different colors packages,
each one priced exceptionally at 99L ONLY
for the limited time of the DC room round (till 11th April)!

So don't miss to get them at this special price
After the round they will be available 
at the Ashmoot beauty store at normal price.

You can see the cut from the pic below and
you can find the FREE DEMO available at the spot.
Take a look and teleport below the pic ^-^

giovedì 26 marzo 2015

♡ AsHmOoT for EVA/ Round#1 ♡

The 2nd April starts the New Special Biweekly Events, called EVA, Eden of Virtual Arts, with many faboulous designers that puts their products, with one or more exclusives and special prices that go not more than 150L! 
Ashmoot for this first round of EVA Room (2April-12 April 2015) put a PROMO that you can't miss, "Valentina" Hair in all the new color packages @ 149L each one ONLY!! 
After the round you will find them at the mainstore @ normal price.
This is the Valentina Hair Cut ^-^

martedì 3 marzo 2015

♡ DC Anniversary Round ♡

Hello everybody =)
today I let you join this new and exclusive Outfit
made in occasion of the 100th Aniversary Round of Designer Circle Room!!
The Theme for this round is Spring, that is at the doors ^-^
It is available for the time of the round only in separated packs:
that go from 59L to 99L only!! After time of the round
it will be available at normal prices and with full pack option too.
The packs are: Hair (Available in the only color of the pic,for now),
Minidress (Rigged Mesh), Stockings
(Wearable also with Appliers for: BANNED, Slink, Maitreya, Omega ),
Heels (Wearable with High Slink Feet),
+ Sparckling Purse combinable also with outfit (DC Group GIFT,
you will find it in the center of the room, on the tables)

Join the pics and teleport below, if you would like to have it,
please, try before the FREE DEMO available at the stand.

mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

♡ Martina Hair NeW ColorS ♡


   (Rigged mesh)

►in the New 11 Packages + 1 FAT Pack

►@ the Mainstore / New Body Beauty Area

venerdì 13 febbraio 2015

♡ Sweet and Sexy Angel ♡

This is another creation for S.Valentine's Day, it is an hot sweet and 
sexy Lingerie, all in fucsia color (for now, it will be available also in athor colors then)

It is available @BLVD Event till the 22th February.
It is combined with: Bustier, Slip, Angel Wings, Stockings, 
Heels,Necklace, Earrings.
Items Wearable with or without Appliers for:
Slink, Maitreya, Lolas Tango, BANNED.

*(I promise you soon I will try to add the Omega applier too)

The hair, called "Amore" is available too ,
in this unic color,
@ Valentine's Event of SL Vogue.

All is from 49L to 149L ONLY for the time of the Events!
So if you want them run run run, also to get them
in time for your Sweet Valentine's Day ^-^

Slurl for both are below the pics ;)

♡ NeW GrOup GiFts ♡

Hiiii, new group gifts available @ the store, they are for her and for him too.
This gift is thought especially for couples, being at S.Valentine's doors.
I wish a special S.Valentine's day to everybody <3

sabato 7 febbraio 2015

♡ The Hipster Fair ♡

Hello dearlings, today I introduce you the New and Exclusive Outfit for "The Hipster Fair"
Event. It is the "A/W Coll_Outfit #29", it includes for a SPECIAL PROMO price:
Shirt+Sweater, Jeans Shorts, Stockings (Wearable with normal avi, Slink, BANNED, Maitreya),
Casual Boots, Glasses.
Separatly it has combined with this new Hair cut available for now in this unic color,
light blonde, you can see it in the pic below.
Click teleport below to go @ The Hipster Fair.

mercoledì 4 febbraio 2015

♡ NeW items for Designer Circle ♡

Hello my dearlings!! =)
Ok , this is the New and Exclusive (for the time of the round) Outfit, available @ DC Room.
It is available in 5 packs that going from 79L to 99L, so at SPECIAL PROMO PRICE, 
for the time of the round (till this next 14th February),
after that you will find it at its normal/full price.
It has composed from: 2 BodySuits + metal and fancy silver Leggins + 
Bijoux (Necklace, Braceletes, Rings) + High Strong Heels (Wearable with HIGH SLINK FEET 
and Belleza Feet too).
The hair is available too for special price, for now only in this Hot Red color, 
like a "preview" for the other colors that will come out later...! 
(stay tune with brand's contats to be the first to know when, how and where ^-^)
These are the pics and the teleport is below ;)
Enjoy it !

martedì 3 febbraio 2015


Hello everybody, today I am introducing you the new and excusive
items for the SNEAK PEEK current round!
It is available at the event in 2 different colors, the hair are available too in 2 colors for the Event.

Bodysuit is wearable with appliers for: Slink, Maitreya, BANNED, Lolas
(---> Coming Soon: OMEGA Applier <----)
But you can wear it without any applier as well!
FREE DEMO available @ the AsHmOoT stand

See pics and teleport below if you want to see them InWorld ^-^