domenica 3 maggio 2015

♡ Night and Day Hunt ♡

AsHmOoT In this period partecipates in many hunts,
one of these ones is the "Night and day hunt".
To find its prizes you have to look for: a little sun about the day prize (2L)
and a little moon about the night prize (20L)
You can see them here below...
 The day prize is a rigged mesh in 5 sizes+alpha.
The night prize can be worn with or without 
Appliers (OMEGA+ Slink Mesh Body Appliers)
The hints are
-->for the DAY Hunt Prize: "Look up on a big column"
-->for the NIGHT Hunt Prize: "Look up on the curtains"
So now...I wish you a good hunting ^-^
reminding you that this hunt will 
be till 2nd June..
here there's the direct teleport to:

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