venerdì 21 agosto 2015

♡ Gypsy's Heart The Boho Experience ♡

After the beautiful Fashion Show "Gypsy's Heart The Boho Experience"
I would like to let see everybody a preview of the outfits
 coming soon at the Mainstore..for who wasn't @ the show to see them.
These are the 3 female ones
there will be available also the 2 male ones.
Stay tuned with the blog and all Ashmoot contacts to be the first one
to know how and when you can find them ready
to be tested with FREE demo! ^-^
They will be available soon and @ a special PROMO price
for their first exposure don't miss the date ;)

♡ Fria Minidress ♡

This is Fria minidress, now available till sunday ONLY at special
PROMO price @ Designer Circle Room...! ^-^
It's available for now in these new 3 exclusive versions
and can be combined with the accessories you can see in the pic below...
High sandal boots, in these new shiny colors and strong bracelets!
It's really sexy and perfect for a party or special evenings...^-^

Don't miss it @ Designer Circle Room,
but if you can't go in time you will find it 
after the round @ the mainstore @ normal prices...

giovedì 20 agosto 2015

♡ Renewed FLORA Dress ♡

I dearlings ^-^
Today I want to talk you about this Flora minidress, available in this renewed version for EVA Room
at PROMO price and in 4 different versions of colors!
It is rigged mesh and in 5 sizes included, please
like always I suggest you to try the FREE demo available
before purchising...
It is for special price till 23th august ONLY!
Then you will find it @ normal price and in other new colors
@ the Mainstore ^-^
Come to see the other 3 versions @ the room,
don't miss the date!