mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

♡ Avantgarde Collection ♡

Hello everybody, this is the "Futura #02" Outfit from 
AsHmOoT Avantgarde Collection.

It is available as Exclusive and PROMO 
(really discounted) PRICE @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room, 
till 31th Jan. ONLY!! Then it will
be at normal price available at the mainstore.

For now it has singular items of the outfit available separated:
Catsuit, Collar+Skirt parts, Necklace, Earrings, Bangles, Rings.
If you like it..get it now @ low cost  ;)
See pic and get teleport below to go 
try DEMO before purchising.

venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

♡ A Frozen Outfit ♡

For this New Year 2015, in this frozen air, I would like to introduce you the "Outfit #20".
It is one of the stranger outfit that comes out in the Ashmoot Collection.
It includes: White Fur+White and veil Long dress+Frozen Branches parts
+"Vanesssa" Heels in White (For High Slink Feet)+Fairy metal Bag
+Jewel Gloves+Shiny diamonds Necklace

It is in special PROMO till 18 th January
@ the AsHmOoT Mainstore for the
AsHmOoT Group Members ONLY!

You can Join the Group for free for the moment and you have only to put 
your group tag ion the head when you buy it from vendor, you will buy at normal price
but instantly after do that you will receive back the 50% off sale on the full price.

Then it will be still available @ the normal price.

Click Slurl below to teleport in the exact location: