giovedì 26 marzo 2015

♡ AsHmOoT for EVA/ Round#1 ♡

The 2nd April starts the New Special Biweekly Events, called EVA, Eden of Virtual Arts, with many faboulous designers that puts their products, with one or more exclusives and special prices that go not more than 150L! 
Ashmoot for this first round of EVA Room (2April-12 April 2015) put a PROMO that you can't miss, "Valentina" Hair in all the new color packages @ 149L each one ONLY!! 
After the round you will find them at the mainstore @ normal price.
This is the Valentina Hair Cut ^-^

martedì 3 marzo 2015

♡ DC Anniversary Round ♡

Hello everybody =)
today I let you join this new and exclusive Outfit
made in occasion of the 100th Aniversary Round of Designer Circle Room!!
The Theme for this round is Spring, that is at the doors ^-^
It is available for the time of the round only in separated packs:
that go from 59L to 99L only!! After time of the round
it will be available at normal prices and with full pack option too.
The packs are: Hair (Available in the only color of the pic,for now),
Minidress (Rigged Mesh), Stockings
(Wearable also with Appliers for: BANNED, Slink, Maitreya, Omega ),
Heels (Wearable with High Slink Feet),
+ Sparckling Purse combinable also with outfit (DC Group GIFT,
you will find it in the center of the room, on the tables)

Join the pics and teleport below, if you would like to have it,
please, try before the FREE DEMO available at the stand.