giovedì 30 luglio 2015


Hi my dear boys!! ^-^
This is the latest NEW created for EVA Room,
Maybe you already knew the design of the T-Shirt,
now it is available in these other color versions!
They are @ special price till 2nd August ONLY
here at the Room, then they will be at the mainstore
at normal price, so don't forget to take a look
before the 2nd august ^-^
                  At the room you can find also
this GIFT that you can see in the pic below.
For who is'nt a member of
EVA Room's still possible to join it for FREE
and get the gift.......and all the successive
promotions and gifts! =)
Here the teleports..:

♡ RACHELE Hair Cut ♡

This is the new and exclusive RACHELE hair cut,
it is available for now @ DC Room
till 8th August ONLY, in special 
colors packs and special price!
If you like it don't miss it at
DC Room, then if you like you can refind it
in new colors and at normal price at the 
AsHmOoT Beauty Mainstore!

mercoledì 29 luglio 2015


Hi dearlings, this is Ashmot NEW GROUP GIFT 
for this HOT can't MISS IT!!
Trikini wearable also with appliers for
OMEGA, Slink and Maitreya.
It's available like always at the mainstore on the wall gifts,
that is a little bit change of its position, 
you can find it easier at the center of the store,
when you enter straight over you.

STAY TUNED for all the NEWS
coming soon.......
and don't forget to get your special
GIFT here ^-^