domenica 4 ottobre 2015

♡ Autumn colors @ FAD Room ♡

After a little breack in RL I'm back for you,
with new items for Autumn 2015; so here there are some 
of the latest creations by Ashmoot.
They are created for "Frightful faboulous" round of FAD Event ^-^
A studded minidress, mono-shoulder, available for now at
the FAD Ashmoot spot ONLY,
in 4 different color versions!!!
See pics below to get a look on them
and go to the spot to try the FREE DEMO available!
Comon I know you won't miss them!!! ;)
They are available at PROMO price till 25th October ONLY,
there's also a combinable nails polish for Slink hands and feet (not new);
then you will find them at normale price at the Ashmoot mainstore
or you can know where to find them from Ashmoot blog or socials ^-^

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