martedì 23 dicembre 2014

♡ Xmas Red Angel ♡

Hi everybody, this is the newest Outfit created for the Xmas time!! It is for a really Xmas Holidays Queen!! ^-^
It's all in red, like Xmas, and it can be worn in different options... this is the complete one, with all pieces worn.
It includes: Head accessorie, Shoulders Wings, Bustier, 
MiniDress+Big Skirt Part, Rings, Necklace, 
Earrings, Heels (For High Slink Feet)
It is available at the Mainstore, at special price for group members infact if you are a group member you can buy it at normal price from the vendor but instantly after buying you will receive back the 50% on the full price!!! This PROMo for the group member will be available till the 6th January ONLY!! don't miss it ;) 

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